Power Pulse RX-7 Exhaust System 87-91 TURBO II 16418

Power Pulse RX-7 Exhaust System 87-91 TURBO II 16418

1987-91 RX-7 TURBO II Street Exhaust System - The Racing Beat street legal, Power Pulse cat-back RX-7 exhaust system is the perfect replacement for your Turbo II - a durable assembly offering a real horsepower gain over your stock unit. If you need to retain the emissions status of your RX-7 and keep the sound level to a tolerable level - look no further than this Racing Beat system!

This RX-7 exhaust system consists of a Racing Beat Y-pipe and two 2.5-inch (OD) 304-stainless steel Power Pulse mufflers. The replacement Y-pipe is manufactured using 2.5-inch (OD) tubing, splitting off into a pair of 2-inch (OD) tubes feeding the left and right  Power Pulse Muffler canisters.

Careful consideration was given to the correct placement of each muffler canister with regards to the opening in the rear bumper. Racing Beat has positioned the muffler canister "under" the rear bumper in order to present a more integrated look. Unlike many aftermarket systems that use a simple universal muffler, the Racing Beat system utilizes a rotary-engine designed muffler that has been specifically designed for the 1986-92 RX-7 application. If you prefer a slightly louder exhaust tone, this Turbo system can be installed onto the non-turbo RX-7 chassis without any fitting issues.

Performance tests on a Dyno Jet chassis dyno have shown a 7.3 HP gain over the stock system. This bolt-on system uses the stock mounting points for ease of installation. Each system is supplied with all necessary mounting hardware and gaskets.

Replacement Rubber Exhaust Hangers
The replacement of the original rubber exhaust hangers during the installation of any new exhaust component is recommended. Over time the original rubber hangers can deteriorate, crack, and fail; which can result in the incorrect alignment of the exhaust system. If needed, a complete hanger replacement kit which includes ALL required hangers for your RX-7 is availble.

Individual replacement exhaust hangers for all models of 1986-92 RX-7's are available. Review the Exhaust Hanger Chart for details on the exact components that are required for your exhaust system.